What are conkers?

Do you know what a conker is? A conker is a horse chestnut. Horse chestnuts are NOT an edible chestnut. That’s why if you find a horse chestnut tree in the fall, there are so many of them on the ground. Horses, and most other animals can’t eat them, including people, because they will cause serious stomach problems. Only deer eat them, How can you tell a horse chestnut from an edible chestnut? Edible chestnut have a pointed bottom, horse chestnut have a round flat bottom.

Well, we found several huge horse chestnut trees at a local park, and the ground was covered with conkers. I had heard that there are many interesting fall crafts to make with them. Any suggestions of what we can make?

Bonkers for Conkers!

In a few weeks, see what we make with the conkers!

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